Special Episode 4: BJ Miller + Shoshana Berger

Emily sits down with Dr. BJ Miller and IDEO's Global Editorial Director Shoshana Berger to talk about their new book, "A Beginner's Guide to the End: Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death." First, BJ and Shoshana read excerpts from the book about their individual stories. The readings are followed by a conversation with Emily about the inspirations behind their new book, the challenging nature of the dying process, and the importance of preparing for our final days. 

Follow Shoshana and BJ on Twitter @shoshanaberger and @bjmillermd. 

This episode was guest produced by Diantha Parker with editing support from Assistant Producer Kirk Klocke.

Illustrations by Lindsay Mound.

Original theme music by Yosef Munro.

Other music comes from Blue Dot Sessions.

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Emily Silverman