Photo credit: Jen Olenik

Photo credit: Jen Olenik


Tell your story

The Nocturnists is a night of physicians and other health care workers telling stories about life in medicine. For more information, read about us here.

Submissions for the 2/27 event on "Love" are closed. 

For future events, here are some tips on what we're looking for:
- Show us your humanity. The more human you are willing to be (not perfect, an expert, or a superhero), the more people will connect with your story.
- Tell us how you changed. The most successful stories are those that have an arc of change. Tell us how this experience impacted you!

Keep in mind: if your story is selected, we will pair you with a coach who will help you craft/polish your story so that it is stage-ready.

We're so excited to see what stories are out there! Please submit below.

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(a brief outline is good) *instead of writing a brief outline, you may also e-mail a brief audio clip to

A note: if you decide to include patients and their friends/family as characters, a good rule of thumb for preserving confidentiality is that your characters should not be able to recognize themselves in your story. Some ways to achieve this: don't include names or dates, consider changing key characteristics (e.g. if a hat or backpack was a key feature of your patient, make it a scarf or a necklace), and don't make diseases too recognizable (e.g. lymphangioleiomyomatosis should be changed to "lung disease"). Alternatively, you can obtain a patient's written permission to use HIPAA-protected information in your story. For a quick review of this issue, check out this article and this article.