Call For Submissions

Theme: Learning

When: Thursday, 12/12/19 (evening)

Where: Housingworks Bookstore Cafe, New York City

For our next live show, we are looking for stories related to the theme of Learning. This call for submissions is open to students, doctors, nurses, or any other healthcare worker. Before submitting, please read our storytelling tips.

Please read the instructions below carefully, and don’t forget to e-mail your audio clip to

Deadline for submissions is midnight PST on Sunday, October 6th.

We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Name *
Aim for 1-2 sentences.
Stories without an audio clip will not be considered. Stories that sound like they are being read off a page are less likely to be considered. Aim for a casual, storytelling feel -- like you're telling the story to a friend over dinner!
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