Our team


Emily Silverman / Host and Creator

Emily is an academic hospitalist at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, where she seeks out projects that resurrect the narrative soul of medicine. She wrote a series of prose-poems based on her experiences as a resident, and is currently working on her first book. Her writing is animated by a deep-seated curiosity about science, human nature, and what it means to live and die well. In her spare time she enjoys teaching herself how to play electric guitar, listening to podcasts, and traveling with her husband Boaz. She tweets @ESilvermanMD.



Ali Block / Executive Producer

Ali is a family medicine doctor in San Francisco. Every day she has the privilege of bearing witness to her patients’ experiences of birth and death, illness and wellness, and joy and grief. She and her husband Tim are executive producers on a documentary film called Dr. Feelgood, which explores the ethical dilemma of opiate prescriptions.


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Marina Poole / Podcast Producer

Marina is a multimedia creator with an interest in how storytelling can work to help people connect in a time of increasing distraction. After studying Documentary Studies and having the opportunity to collaborate on various short films, photo, and audio projects, she has returned to her Bay Area home to continue pursuing impact storytelling.


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Selene Ross / Intern

Selene is a writer and artist based in Oakland. Originally from the Bay Area, Selene has lived in artist and activist collectives in Santa Barbara and Berlin, and now coordinates the efforts of an Berkeley environmental non-profit. A student of herbal medicine, Selene is inspired by the healing power of narrative. She is a part of the team behind Poets Reading the News, the world's first newspaper written in verse, and one-half of dream-folk duo Artemisia.




stephanie muscat / designer

A strong proponent of staging constructive collisions between disciplines, Steph is interested in tackling the gaps between reality, observation, and understanding from all possible angles. Her work explores the space between science and art, and is virtually visitable at stephaniemuscat.com.