Who We Are

The Nocturnists is a live show and podcast where doctors share stories from the world of medicine. Based in San Francisco and hosted by physician Emily Silverman, our show is animated by a deep-seated curiosity about health, illness, and human connection.

Welcome to the family.


Our Team


Emily Silverman / creator and host

Emily is an internal medicine physician at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, where she seeks out projects that resurrect the narrative soul of medicine. She wrote a series of prose-poems based on her experiences as a resident, some of which were published in The Examined Life Journal, and is currently working on her first book with the support of a 2018 fellowship at The MacDowell Colony. In her spare time she enjoys teaching herself how to play electric guitar, listening to podcasts, and traveling with her husband Boaz. She tweets @ESilvermanMD.



Ali Block / Executive Producer

Ali practices family medicine at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. A longtime appreciator of the arts, she has a special passion for using storytelling to illuminate important topics in healthcare. In addition to her work with The Nocturnists, she executive produced Dr. Feelgood, a documentary film which explores the ethical dilemma of opiate prescriptions. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, and with her husband and two young children..



 adelaide papazoglou / Program coordinator and head of story development

Adelaide is an anthropologist, filmmaker, doula, and aspiring physician whose work has hovered at the intersection of human affliction and narrative form. She has worked on a broad range of projects from short fiction and experimental films to feature-length documentaries. She is interested in the relationship between bodies and institutions, emerging forms of biocitizenship and biosociality, and how queer theory informs all scholarship. As a doula she also has the privilege of bearing witness to the birth of babies and parents.


Liza Veale

Liza veale / podcast producer

Liza is an award-winning audio producer and editor based in the Bay Area. Her work has been featured on NPR's Latino USA, Buzzfeed Reader, 70 Million, Philosophy Talk and more. She formerly covered housing and homelessness for Crosscurrents on KALW Public Radio. She feels most alive when making a sandwich. Her sandwiches really are exceptional.



 alberto hernandez / sound engineer

Alberto is a SF-based audio engineer, music mixer, and producer with experience in radio, audiobooks and podcasts. Born in Mexico City, and coming from a multi-national (Mexican and German) family, Alberto has had the opportunity to be immersed in many different cultures. He loves good food and drink, traveling, music, and sharing adventures with friends and family.



chloe lessard / communications director

Chloe is a science writer and audio journalist with a background in public health. She is drawn to the inherent mystery and humanness of medicine, and is a firm believer in the power of stories to elicit change. She recently completed a concurrent masters in epidemiology and health journalism. In her free time she volunteers as a birth doula, takes photos, reads, and dances. 



kirk klocke / assistant producer

Kirk is a Minneapolis-based writer, editor, and producer. He has written for numerous publications and organizations, including Schmidt Ocean Institute, the Marine Science and Technology Foundation, Mayo Clinic, and Elite Daily. He is an aspiring narrative non-fiction author and documentary producer, and  volunteers as a news assistant at Minnesota Public Radio. In 2019 he co-founded the arts & culture blog notquitesunday and tweets at @citizenkirk.


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Lindsay Mound / Illustrator & Designer

Lindsay is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer and musician. She makes artwork and web design choices for The Nocturnists. Her various styles of illustration, portraiture and design have been sought by clients like Bon Appétit, Glamour, Lucky Peach, Digg, Eater, Medium, Thrillist, Paper, Nylon, Racked, O Magazine, Martha Stewart, Vanity Fair, W Hotels, VSCO and more. You can find her work at lindsaymound.com or follow her @lostandmound. Her band is Color War.


Our Story Coaches


Ali Block, Bryan Berlin, Melissa Brandt, Elizabeth Inglese, Kirk Klocke, Elana Lancaster, Meghan O’Brien, Nora Orton, Kyle Marian, Eliana Munro, Roshan Nebrajani, Adelaide Papazoglou, Jeff Rose, Pallabi Sanyal-Dey, Emily Silverman, Sarah Stroe, Charlie Varon